In the Parable of the Three Servants, ‘Enter In’ was an opportunity given to
each of these servants. In this parable the landowner puts three of his servants
in charge of his wealth by giving them each a portion to work with which
to work.
We know what each did with the money entrusted to them. Two of the servants
invested the money and the landowner was very pleased. However, out of fear
the third servant hid the talents entrusted to him.
So pleased with the first two that he gave each of them the same reward and
affirmed them by saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were
faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into
the joy of your Lord.”
Enter In… is an invitation for each of us at First Presbyterian Church of Arlington
to choose to embrace the opportunity to be a faithful servant.
Enter In… is an invitation for First Presbyterian Church of Arlington to catch a
vision of how much more can be accomplished if a group of faithful servants
unite themselves in giving.
It’s time for First Presbyterian Church of Arlington to Enter In to a new season
of mission and ministry! A new season to:

– Invite our church to enter into new opportunities for different and relevant
ministry like never before.

– View the direction of FPCA like an open slate to realize our potential to
reach people and share the gospel like never before.

– No longer be in a ‘waiting mode’, but move forward and make ministry
happen now!

– Be bold as we move into the new way of life as a church. As a church we
will have to enter into this season with courage to fulfill our God-inspired

– Discover God’s desire to partner with us in mission on earth, to Enter In…to
the joy of our Lord.