As we now begin to focus on our ministry plan for 2023 and how we will resource that
plan, we want to introduce you to a new generosity initiative entitled “BEYOND.” Our
desire is that 100% of the people who call First Presbyterian Church of Arlington home
would embrace an abundance mindset as we commit collectively to move beyond the
current reality into a season of growth and expansion of our mission and ministry into the
community around us.

BEYOND is an invitation to embrace the truth that God wants us to have an abundant

BEYOND is an invitation to commit to grow beyond our current thinking about living a
generous life. It is an invitation to have life and have it abundantly.

During this campaign, let’s:

• Embrace the concept that God wants more for us.

• Learn to have the same generous hearts as the Macedonians.

• Study selflessness beyond expectations.

• Live beyond the Sunday church experience.

• Remove the limits we put on God.

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